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A new global group to be known as the G11 has been formed at a meeting in Berlin, Germany in an attempt to resolve volatile economic and political differences between existing global groups.

The group will comprise the Tortoise Islands, Zimbabwe, Britain, USA, France, Italy, Germany, China, India, Russia and Australia.

The initiative was taken after the G7 and G20 groups of countries were unable to agree on united policies to counter the various crises facing the world, such as the Korean Peninsula confrontation and the global Wall Street meltdown. However, another group, the G8, passed a resolution at their biennial meeting in Geneva yesterday refusing to recognise the G7, giving the rationale that they are unrepresentative of the new economic order.

This contradicts a communique issued by the powerful G12 group who have backed the G7, stating that the G20 is overweighed by too many unwieldy minor economic powers. However, (according to an advance discussion paper obtained by Loungecast) a proposed new group to be known as the G14 being formed by Sweden and Iceland is expected to oppose this. It is not yet clear what the stance of the G11 will be on these issues. Reports from Africa suggest that a group there is working on a G17 organization, while a MIFSS report indicates that North Korea is planning to form a major group to be called the G1 next year, to be comprised of only itself.

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Various intelligence reports, satellite imagery and information derived directly from Machineville's official website have revealed startling and unprecedented growth in Machineville, the "City of Robots".

The city, though it is believed to be populated almost entirely by robots, is projected to become the world's largest city by 2050, if not before. 12 super-factories are currently manufacturing robots 24x7, and it is the exponential growth in production that is most disturbing to political analysts and global think tanks like the MIFSS.

Loungecast recently commissioned highly risky aerial photos of the city by a stealth drone. Disturbingly, about three new development projects, consistent in scale and design with existing blueprints of robot factories, have been identified from these maps. This has led to speculation that three additional facilities are soon to come online, dramatically increasing self-perpetuating robot production capacity in the metropolis.

Machineville has now been elevated to the status of being one of the world's most dangerous hotspots in the eyes of powerful countries like the USA, China, Russia and the EU. Machineville is situated on the south side of the de-militarized zone (DMZ) in the secretive Tortoise Islands.

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The worst fears of international security agencies have been realized with confirmation from the UN and CERN that Kingpin Tin, the world's largest robot, has obtained a large number of Higgs Boson particles. This is deeply disturbing in light of the significant armament programs the Kingpin is developing in Machineville.

Agencies have confirmed that the Kingpin has personally broken into the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland and obtained a large number of super valuable sub-atomic particles, as speculated in last issue. Following the recent successful activation of the Collider, a large number of priceless and prized sub-atomic particles had been collected. This rocked the world of particle physics.

Leaving a huge "crater" in the snow-covered ground, Kingpin Tin crashed through solid rock to enter the Collider. He ploughed straight through solid steel barriers protecting the radio-active storage section, shocking security guards. They opened fire with semi-automatic weapons, but to no avail as bullets simply bounced off the Kingpin, according to witnesses.

Research scientists on the ground revealed to Loungecast that a large strongbox lined with lead and a rare earth metal alloy was taken. The strongbox was alleged to contain various types of particles, strangelets, dark matter & Higgs Bosons and weighed more than a ton.

At the request of the UN, scientists at the Collider completed an audit of particles this week. Frighteningly, it has been revealed that more than 800 Higgs Boson particles are missing, as well as an unspecified number of strangelets. The purpose of the raid is as yet unconfirmed, though it has been previously reported that KingpinTin may be developing a death ray which could ultimately be used against humans.

ordinary report


Mysterious diamond dealer Basil Duboise has been found shot dead in his Prague office in the Czech Republic. Witnesses reported hearing the sound of breaking glass preceding a blood-curdling scream, then nine or ten shots being fired. A dark colored sportscar without number plates was seen speeding from the scene.

A man of many enemies, Interpol has no clues as to who could be behind the murder. The murder is completely baffling as jewels and artifacts worth millions of dollars were found at the scene. A priceless Knights-Templar goblet, one of only 12 in the world, and believed to have been used at the Last Supper, was also found.

Mr Duboise had been a colorful and controversial figure in the international gem and armaments trade. He had been a leading pioneer in the gems for missiles trade in the secret black markets of Africa, South America and the Middle East. Mr Duboise's shadowy partner, also reputed to be in Prague, has disappeared without trace and police wish to contact him urgently.

Basil Duboise had recently returned from a business trip to Zanzibar City on Unguja Island. Coincidentally, it was in Tanzania that the Hopeless Diamond, recently stolen in a major heist, had last been seen. (See last issue — Ed.) Loungecast has attempted to contact Mr Duboise's Zurich headquarters, but there has been no reply.

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Number 003 — 9 August 2012



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